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As The Burger Company franchisee you will experience the advantages of a well-proven system. Proven and straightforward processes facilitate your step towards running a restaurant. TBC system offers flexible location possibilities as it can also be developed in a small space. We require only few devices and can therefore be implemented with a moderate investment.

Site Visit

Menu and other Graphic Designing

Design Support

Site Selection & Survey

On site Training

Marketing Support

Unique Designing of the outlet

Tie up with Vendors

Legal Consultation

The Burger Company


Area Requirement : 200-450 sqft
Location : Mall, High Street, Corporate Company, Hospital, College, Retail Market.
Investment : 18-22 lacs including franchise fees
Franchise : 5 years
The Burger Company


Area Requirement : 100-200 sqft
Location : Mall, High Street, Corporate Company, Hospital, College, etc
Investment : 12-15 Lacs
Franchise : 5 years


FAQs ?

Who is the potential candidate for The Burger Company Franchise?

A dedicated, disciplined, outgoing, positive, customer-friendly person who is passionate about people, food & business. Right prospect will be someone who believes in commitment to The Burger Company

How can I get started right away?

Fill out the franchise application form online and submit it. One of The Burger Company Team member will contact you immediately.

How much do I need to invest?

The initial investment depends exclusively on the franchise model you opt for.

How long does it take to get my store open?

Depending on the inquiry, obtainability of site, its condition, reviewing, permitting and financing, it may take two to three months.

What if I want a franchise model with minimum investment?

Currently, we have two unique franchise models- Signature Outlet, Kiosk/Take Away model. You can choose from the two in accordance with your budget.

How much is the franchisee fee?


What business support will I receive as part of The Burger Company Franchise System?

You will get a step by step program for opening and operating your new store. Business support includes site selection, store launch, inventory management, store operation manuals, merchandise supply, assistance in marketing promotions, software purchase and computer terminals, etc.

Do I need to have any prior experience to run my new store?

No. All we need is customer service skills and a great passion for our products. Moreover, we provide store operations manual to help you run your new store efficiently on a regular basis.

What is the minimum area required to set up the store?

60-200 sq. feet. This is in reference to the Kiosk model.

How much will the complete franchise investment cost me?
  • Total investment cost differs from model to model.
  • Signature outlet 13-15 lacs
  • Kiosk/Take away 9 – 10 lacs
Is there any royalty fee?
Yes. The Burger Company royalty fee is fixed from 10,000 to 25,000.
Is there a direct financing available to franchisees?
No. But, we may help you find a qualified financing.
What is the initial term of the franchise agreement?

Five years.

Are there any marketing or advertising fees?

Yes. It depends on location and outlet.

Will I receive guidance on purchase of inventory and supplies?
Yes. We give guidance on buying of supplies and inventory to satisfy seasonal needs.
What are the site requirements for The Burger Company store?
Traffic pattern at the site, peak business hours, local residents, surrounding markets, nearby attractions, local competition, local hotels and restaurants are few of the many site requirements. We also provide guidance on selecting a suitable location. However, the final decision resides with you.
How can I renew my Franchise Agreement?
After completing the initial agreement term of five years, you may renew your then agreement for another five years.
Can I sell my franchise store? If yes, how and to whom can I sell it?
Yes. You can sell your store by paying a transfer fee in relation to each resale. However, the buyer must be qualified and approved by The Burger Company.
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