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The Burger Company

The Burger Company

TBC Birth Story :

Two Partners, Neelam Singh and Nitesh Dhankhar collaborated to form The Burger Company in October 2016. Though their years of working in various reputed MNCs gave them satisfaction, but could not fullfill their hunger of something high on quality, full of flavours and yet pocket-friendly food. The cravings grew into an idea to replace the basic and boring corporate canteen meals into something more meaningful.
They quit their high paying jobs to extend on the regular limited options available for quick bites, especially burgers. We will all agree on this fact that the food offered in office canteens are at times impossible to gulp. Therefore TBC began to work towards providing an alternative to the problem they faced during their corporate tenure. They used to crave for flavours which were impossible for them to find, even after a lot of research.

TBC Handcrafted Menu :

Both the partners tried to create a handcrafted product and menu that consisted of flavours from all over the world. Each item on their menu is a result of a lot of experiments over themselves and their friends. Over a period of time, they gained a few inches. But as an end result, there is something for everyone to be precise at affordable prices.
The classic Aloo Tikki burger starts at only Rs. 49 which is surely available at a steal away price for the quality and flavours they offer. You can find burgers with Chinese spices, Mexican herbs, tandoori Indian flavours etc. Also, not to be missed are their variety of buns and wraps. That is not the end; you can choose your favourite sides to compliment your choice of burgers: hash browns, momos, fries, nachos, popcorns, nuggets and even drinks and desserts. This is surely a wholesome combination to hog on.
The Burger Company understands the need of the Indian market when it comes to food. People are in look out of fusion food, they like to imbibe from the west but still stick to their roots. Considering all these factors the Burger company stands apart and is growing at a fast pace. The customer base of TBC includes people from all age groups. You will be fascinated by the age of the youngest customer, who is 3.5 years and the eldest goes up to 71 years.

TBC Growth Story :

Within a span of 15 months after servicing in the corporate food courts and understanding the needs of foodies, they opened a standalone restaurant in Palam Vihar Gurgaon. They know the art and science of winning the hearts with their lip-smacking quick bites.
The Burger Company cafe is a cosy place to spend some time in peace with you or your family and friends. If your idea of a calm evening is reading a book with a cup of coffee, this can be the perfect place for you. Also, in case you are just looking out to hang out with your friends/family and have some fun conversations pay a visit. The amazingly good quality food here will never disappoint you.
The Burger Company is overwhelmed with the kind of love and response they have managed to receive in this short span of time. The acceptance of the products within the customer base is unexpected. As the customers seek value for more along with great taste, which is undoubtedly the USP of TBC. The team is very confident about their products as a lot of research has gone behind the same to finally come up with the burgers. They hit a milestone of selling over 10000 burgers in December 2018 and still counting. Congratulations!

TBC is ready to Scale Up :

As per the future plans, you are welcome to be a part of The Burger Company family. They are expanding nationwide with a strong vision of having 50 new stores by the end of December 2020. You can own a TBC franchise starting in May 2019. So keep looking out this space for more information on the same.

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